Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed at the brewery?
Yes! We allow leashed pups if they are well-behaved and friendly with both other dogs and humans.

Is outdoor food permitted at the brewery?
Yes. You can definitely bring your own food. You can even walk right over to the Domino's pizza nearby on East Gude and bring it back with you.

I am a musician. Is it possible to play at the brewery?
Not yet. Since we are still so new, we are making sure we have our internal processes set-up before we are able to have musicians entertain the crowd. We definitely plan on it in the future, though.

I work for a local charity, is it possible to work with Saints Row for our events?
At this time, we ask for your patience as we build up our experience in the taproom and build up a good base of beer.

We absolutely plan on getting involved with local charities and we're looking forward to planning some unique events in our space. We will keep you posted through our mailing list and social media accounts when we're ready to give it a go.

What are your hours?

  • M-F: 4pm-10pm
  • Saturday: 12pm-5pm (with tours)
  • Sunday: Closed

Is Saints Row Brewing Company hiring?
Not at this time. The best way to keep track of that is through our mailing list and social media accounts. We'll keep you posted.

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