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This summer, Prebula and his wife, Lacy, will cut the ribbon on Saints Row Brewing in Rockville, Maryland, about 20 miles outside of Washington, D.C.

Martin and Lacy Prebula and their daughter, Pia

To prepare for this venture, Prebula quit his job and went to brewing school, which he would not have been able to do without Lacy’s incredible support. He then spent two years as the head brewer at a Baltimore-based brewery. There, he learned the art of brewing traditional beers.

“As much as it’s fun to go out there and experiment, I really came to appreciate the beer styles for what they were,” explains Prebula. “We’re hoping to bring traditional styles to people who may not be exposed to them, which is pretty new to where we are.” When it opens, Saints Row will offer three traditional brews — a tart Gose brewed with coriander and sea salt, a German-style Kölsch, and a Farmhouse Saison — as well as three seasonal beers for variety.